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     We are Cincinnati's premier source for custom stained glass artwork, offering some of the most bizarre and beautiful windows and lamps created by hand.  Let us breathe life into your home or workplace with a remarkably unique piece of art that gives you a new appreciation of fine craft and the perception of light.  Whether you're interested in owning one of our windows or having a custom piece made the right way, this is the place to be.

Translations in Glass

Exhibit by Jacob Hinnenkamp

January 14 - May 4, 2023

Map Room of the Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio

Translations in Glass | Ohio Statehouse

"The Ohio Statehouse introduces a modern stained glass window exhibit featuring original designs, collaborations, and re-creations by Jacob Hinnenkamp. All windows were built using the “Tiffany” method - glass pieces are wrapped in copper foil instead of thick lead strips. This allows for a more artistic approach when designing and constructing stained glass windows.


The unique collection of windows includes obscure and bizarre styles typically not practiced in the field. Jacob has included designs used in collaboration with The Charley Harper Art Studio and other Cincinnati artists.   


Important tools used in making a stained glass window, examples of different types of glass, and an incomplete window are being displayed to show how glass is cut from its original form to the finished pieces."



     There’s an awesome podcast called “Cracked” with Chevonne Ariss, and it features stained glass artists from around the world sharing their stories with her. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to be a featured artist on her show!  The episodes can be found on most podcasting platforms - follow this link Cracked with Chevonne Ariss on Apple Podcasts to see all of them and check out her Facebook page here - RÜNA glassworks.

     Tune in and learn a little about my story, background, techniques, and of course, weirdness with my ways in the craft of stained glass artistry.

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     It is such an honor to be featured in the Summer 2022 edition of the SGAA quarterly magazine.  They gave me an interview about my business a year ago and decided to publish it and include awesome pictures of some of our windows.  See the full story here.

Summer 2022 Editorial Zoomed out 2.jpg


     I was given an incredible opportunity to make a stained glass window for the Dearborn County Courthouse.  Here I am pictured with the honorable Jim Humphrey and his wife Heidi.  They wanted to make a contribution to the courthouse for all the good years they had there.  The idea was for their addition to resemble the windows that had been donated by previous circuit court judges.  See the full story here.


     Our first stained glass window pattern is now available!  It features Charley Harper's cardinal from his popular serigraph "Cardinal on Corn (Red & Fed)", with a geometrically coordinated background.  Click the image for more info.

1. Charley Harper Cardinal Pattern #1 - Cover Front Image - website.jpg


     I am pleased to announce our newest connection - Grovewood Village fine art gallery in Asheville, North Carolina!  Yesterday I got home from visiting this wonderful town after dropping 13 of my stained glass windows off to hang in the open windows of this gallery.  I didn't get to spend as much time as I liked in Asheville, but I did get to meet the great people that are part of the team at Grovewood Village, and I can say I have a very good feeling about the future.

     Next time I will give myself an extra day to enjoy the scenery a bit more.  Hopefully I'll be bringing more windows down in the coming months.


     Participating in SummerFair this year at Coney Island was an incredible experience.  I got to mingle with an awesome group of artists in all type of mediums and show a small part of the world what we are made of.  This was our first juried art show and I couldn't have asked for a better turnout.


     We were lucky enough to place 2nd in the glass category and sell a handful of windows, as well as a bunch of different prints.  I established several awesome connections and may get some commissions out of it also.  Overall, the most important benefit was how much we learned about the process of participating in an art show.