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     Back in the summer of 2019 I participated in an art show at Bogart's in Cincinnati and met Andrew Bach (ink_party).  I was impressed with his micron pen drawings and digital imagery and knew I wanted to make something with him eventually.  The themes present in his work, although seemingly difficult to translate into glass, spoke to me.

     Several years passed and after much consideration I reached out to him about a potential collaboration.  He was interested and we met at a little coffee shop in Clifton to discuss possibilities.

     As we were trying to figure out our direction, I noticed a design that stood out to me as he was flipping through his sketchbook.  The lines, shapes, content, and balance were perfect for stained glass.

     The following weeks, I put quite a bit of thought into tweaking the design a little here and there so it could be broken down into glass pieces and give a good 3D perspective.  Picking the right oranges and blues was also time-consuming, as I was low on supply of the exact shades I wanted.

     "Zygote" is the title we came up with for the piece.


Original sketch

121. Zygote.jpg

Stained glass adaptation

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