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     We are Cincinnati's premier source for custom stained glass artwork, offering some of the most bizarre and beautiful windows and lamps created by hand.  Let us breathe life into your home or workplace with a remarkably unique piece of art that gives you a new appreciation of fine craft and the perception of light.  Whether you're interested in owning one of our windows or having a custom piece made the right way, this is the place to be.

- Translations in Glass, solo exhibit, The Ohio Statehouse -

- Red Dot Miami, Miami Beach, FL -

- Charley Harper Art Studio license -

- SGAA Editorial, "Hinnenkamp Glass Crafters: Building on Experience and Collaboration" -

- 2023 Glass Artist of the Year, ADC (Art Design Consultants) -

- Perfect, design by Allyson Grey -

- Circuit Court window, Dearborn County Courthouse, IN -

- This Dream House radio interviews, ESPN Radio -

- Cracked podcast, "Choose Your Own Adventure with Jacob Hinnenkamp" -

- High Times Magazine feature -

- Artist Collaborations -

- Large Installations -

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