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1. Charley Harper Cardinal Pattern #1 - Cover Front Image - website.jpg


1.  Adapted from his serigraph "Cardinal on Corn (Red & Fed)"

2.  Difficulty: Intermediate

3.  Must have experience with copper foil method

4.  Some copper foil overlay required

5.  Packet includes a pattern, visual aid, detailed instructions, and materials list

6.  Ring saw or similar is highly recommended

7.  32 pieces

8.  Size of finished window without zinc border: 9.5" x 11"

9.  Estimated labor hours: 15

10.  Finished windows may not be sold

11.  Original artwork by Charley Harper

12.  Stained glass pattern by Jacob Hinnenkamp

13.  Price does not include shipping

If you're interested in buying this pattern, please call us at 513-431-8119 or email us at

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