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     We are always looking for new projects to undertake.  If you are serious about having a custom piece made, visit the Contact section to get ahold of us.  All requests for custom window production are considered but not guaranteed.  Custom window production is limited, but we are always accepting requests and inquiries.  We use a very time-consuming style to produce our work, and must be selective about which projects to pursue.

     Our stained glass windows can be built to your desired dimensions and can freely hang in front of a window, be built into the framework of a window space, into the wall with a light box behind it, or implemented into your home or business any way you want.

Factors influencing cost include:

1.   Size of finished piece in square or cubic footage

2.  Complexity of design

3.  Complexity of individual components

4.  Cost of all materials involved

5.  Projected hours of labor including design, window creation, added accessories, and finishing touches

6.  Additional parts including reinforced borders and frames, stands, or multiple lighting options

     All of these are combined to give a cost per square foot plus additional materials.

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